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Monday March 6th at 1 PM Pacific
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Tammeron will share her expert advice on:

*Best Moon Cycle days to plan, promote and launch your products

*What part of the Moon Cycle to begin a new business concept

*How to create a 12 month marketing template 
Show Notes:

Have you ever wondered what are the most powerful days/weeks in your calendar to plan a launch or make a new offer? My special guest, Tammeron Karaim, business astrologer and spiritual alchemist will share some of her secret strategies for planning a profitable and effective business calendar. She says, ‘It’s a Moon thing!”

Tammeron will reveal secret astrology hacks to plan for a magical day to manifest abundance and prosperity around certain important dates.

She will reveal:

1. Best Moon Cycle days to plan, promote and launch your products.
2. What part of the moon cycle to begin a new business concept.
3. How to create a marketing template for the entire year ahead. 

Tammeron is an award-winning businesswoman, author, shamanic storyteller, who loves empowering entrepreneurial women to build their businesses exponentially by using her secret astrology hacks.  As a spiritual alchemist, business astrologer, ex-private investigator, media host and star of the current weekly, “Your Time Matters” podcast, she has guided hundreds of thousands of listeners for over 14 years to connect to their SOUL’S VOICE and own their TRUTH. Non-believers, her “woo woo” magic works!

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