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Monday January 15th at 1 PM Pacific
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Susan will share her expert advice on:

*How to find the right niche market for your book

*Simple steps to make money with your book

*Marketing mistakes many authors unknowingly make
Show Notes:

If you have been thinking about writing a non-fiction book and wondered about how to effectively market and sell that book, don’t miss my interview with Susan Friedmann. She has turned her 30+ years of experience into a mission to help solopreneurs stand out from the crowd.

Susan has guided hundreds of non-fiction authors toward mastery in their niche. She's an absolute writing powerhouse, with 18 books to her name - the first selling more than 500,000 copies!  She will reveal:

* How to find the right niche market for your book
* Simple steps to make money with your book
* Marketing mistakes many authors unknowingly make

When she's not changing the game for nonfiction authors, Susan is living life to the fullest. From being chased by an elephant to hugging a tiger, from teaching yoga to being rescued by the National Guard, enjoying 3 grandchildren, and traveling with her life partner of 53 years, her life is brimming with incredible experiences and accomplishments.

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