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Monday September 12th at 1 PM Pacific
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Shayla will share her expert advice on:

*A Simple Exercise to Uncover Your Ideal Client and 3 Key Questions

*How to Boost Your Confidence for Making High-Ticket Offers 

*How to Leverage 7 Luxe Touchpoints to Close More Sales
Show Notes:

The Luxe System: 5 Keys to Closing more High-Ticket Client

Are you intimidated by the thought of offering high-ticket programs and services?

Many are prone to devalue their offers and undervalue the solutions and transformations they provide. If you are ready to step up and close more high-ticket clients, don’t miss my interview with Shayla Boyd-Gill on the next Inspirational Business Women Show.

As the creator of the Luxe Your Business Sales System, Shayla is an EXTRAORDINARY and PROVEN business mentor and sales strategist who shows women entrepreneurs how to have it all – family, freedom, and affluence – while doing what they love.   

Shayla will share:

*A simple exercise that uncovers who your ideal clients are plus three key questions to ask every potential client to assure they are a perfect fit.

* How to boost your confidence around making high-ticket offers with high converting conversations.

* How to leverage the 7 Luxe Touchpoints to enhance your high-ticket offer and close more sale

Shayla is the founder of SBG international and teaches her clients to restructure their businesses and lives by boosting their high-ticket sales so they can make more money in less time without a heavy client load.
She juggles being an entrepreneur with being a wife of 25 years, and mom of six children."

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