Monday, January 24th at 1 PM Pacific
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Rebecca will share her expert advice on

  1. The Powerful Benefits of Divine Channeling
  2. Energy Healing Techniques to Eliminate Doubt & Fear
  3. Her Scientific Method to Connect with Your Divine Source
  4. Channeling Pitfalls to Avoid
Show Notes: 
Have you ever wondered if you could pick up clear messages and intuitive guidance from other dimensions?

How can some people talk to the departed and get accurate information? My special guest, Rebecca Marina has been channeling for the past 22 years. Now her greatest joy is teaching others how to channel. She is confident that anyone can learn to channel using her scientific method, including a left-brained engineer.

Rebecca's life was changed forever in 1999 when she had a visit from the Archangel Gabriel! This visit awakened many spiritual gifts within, including a wonderful ability to channel Divine Beings and to connect to pets and loved ones in heaven.

Rebecca was a pioneer in EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques and has developed her own healing modality HPT Heart Point Technique. She is an energy healer, author and Divine Channel. 

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Each day for  Twelve Days GET a special Message in your inbox!