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Monday February 12th at 1 PM Pacific
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Nancy will share her expert advice on:

*Why Fused Glass Became Nancy’s Passion

*Turning Passion Into a Successful Business

*The Therapeutic Benefits of Fused Glass Art

*The Pros of the Glass Art Collective VS Etsy
Show Notes:

Have you thought of leaving the burnout of corporate America to pursue your passion? Discover how Nancy Marks left her corporate tech job to open the Glass Arts Collective ,  an award winning glass studio and gift shop as a sanctuary for artists to create and converge.

Nancy will share:

1. Why Fused Glass Became Nancy’s Passion
2. Turning Passion Into a Successful Business
3. The Therapeutic Benefits of Fused Glass Art
4. The Pros of the Glass Art Collective VS Etsy

After 30+ years as a corporate tech geek, Nancy Marks took a creative leap and found her passion in fused glass art. Beginning with a single class, despite her initial self-doubt about having any artistic talent. To her surprise, she discovered a knack for working with glass and embraced the imperfect beauty of her creations.

​​​​​​​Glass Arts Collective. More than just a studio, it's a sanctuary where artists converge, forming an intimate community bound by the transformative power of art. It's a place where mental well-being flourishes through artistic expression.

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