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Monday October 23rd at 1 PM Pacific
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Terry will share her expert advice on:

1. How Everything is Energy
2. The Power of Intuition
3. The Law Of Attraction in Action

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Show Notes:

Are you ready to create a thriving business in harmony with your spiritual, personal and practical aspects of business? My special guest, Terry Wildemann, the “Intuitive Truth Detective” is known for expertly unwrapping complex business challenges so you can build a successful and satisfying business.  Terry will reveal:
1. How Everything is Energy
2. The Power of Intuition
3. The Law Of Attraction in Action

Terry is a seasoned business leadership expert with over 35 years of experience. Under her esteemed SMILE Initiative Network, Terry orchestrates three unique brands: Intuitive Leadership®, SHIFTology®, and Sacred Healing Events. These entities harmoniously combine the spiritual, personal, and practical aspects of business.

Graced with multiple certifications, and authoring books and speeches, Terry underscores the vital role of intuition in successful decision-making. Significantly, she guides entrepreneurs to confront and clear the emotional baggage resulting in physical discomfort and obstacles to wealth and success.
Join Terry Wildemann on a transformative journey where intuition fuels personal and professional growth. Under her guidance, take the next step towards unblocked, successful leadership.

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