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Monday December 11th at 1 PM Pacific
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Diana will share her expert advice on:

*The Little Known Danger of Blind Spots

*How to Avoid Unsafe Roads Known to Kill

*A Grandma’s Advice for Parents of Teen Drivers
Show Notes:

If you ever worry about your child’s safety on the road, don’t miss Diana Woodward’s insider tips on road safety for young drivers. Diana is a 25-year towing professional committed to keeping kids safe on the road. She will share shocking driving truths and insider tips every parent needs to keep their kids safe and alive.

Diana will reveal:

1. The Little Known Danger of Blind Spots
2. How to Avoid Unsafe Roads Known to Kill
3. A Grandma’s Advice for Parents of Teen Drivers

Diana has owned a very successful tow company for over 25 years. She is acutely aware of the perils our precious young drivers face on the roads. Each call for a tow is a stark reminder of the risks involved in driving.

As a parent and grandparent, with a three-decade-long journey in transformational education, she has a unique outlook on this issue. Her goal is to ensure our children's and grandchildren's safety and to empower, educate, and protect our loved ones as they navigate the open roads of life.

Don’t miss this show on Life-Saving Tips for Teens: A Grandma’s 25 Year Towing Wisdom Please help get the word out and share with those who have teens.

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